About ANA

The Argumentation Network of the Americas

The Argumentation Network of the Americas aims to unite, sustain, and grow the community of argumentation scholars across the Americas.

Our Story

ANA began when two recent PhD graduates, faced with finding their place in the North American job market, recognized the need for organized and sustained support. 

ANA's mission is to provide a network to connect the interdisciplinary argumentation studies community across North, Central, and South America with a specific aim to support students and early career researchers. This will be done through a periodic major conference, along with smaller regional events taking place more regularly. The main priority of the ANA executive is to make connections across the continents in efforts to support the the growth and development of researchers in the field. 

Meet The Executive

Michael Baumtrog Profile.jpg
Michael Baumtrog - (Chair) Regional Director North

Department of Law and Business - Ryerson University, 


Michael earned Undergraduate and Masters degrees in Philosophy from the University of Windsor. He earned his PhD from the New University of Lisbon. He is interested in the use of reasoning and argumentation for producing ethically sound decisions.

Fábio Shecaira
Regional Director - South

Faculty of Law - Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Fábio earned an Undergraduate degree in Law and a Masters degree in philosophy, both from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. He earned his PhD from McMaster University. He is interested in the logical and rhetorical aspects of legal and political argumentation.

Justin Eckstein
Regional Director - North

Department of  Communication - Pacific Lutheran University, USA.


Justin earned an undergraduate degree in International Studies at the University of Denver, a Masters in Rhetoric, and a PhD in Rhetoric at the University of Denver. He is interested in multimodal argumentation.

Constanza Ihnen
Regional Director - South

Faculty of Law – University of Chile. 

Constanza has an undergraduate degree in Hispanic and Latin American Literature and Linguistics from the Catholic University of Chile. She earned her Master’s and PhD in Rhetoric, Argumentation and Philosophy of Language from the University of Amsterdam. She is currently interested in lawmaking and constitution-making discussion procedures and argumentation, legal arguments (about evidence in particular), and the descriptive and normative meaning of the term "force" when applied to arguments.

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Graduate Rep. - S



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Harry Weger
Senior Advisor

University of Central Florida


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Graduate Rep. - N



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