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Kate Phillips - June 7th 1PM ET

Kate Phillips teaches classes about writing, argumentation, and technology in the Writing, Speaking, and Argument Program at the University of Rochester in upstate New York.


Through recent collaborations with University of Rochester’s Digital Scholarship department and their extended reality hub, Studio X, Kate has grown interested in how technology reshapes our communicative and argumentative practices, particularly with respect to speed and polarization.


More recently she has become interested in the role technologies might play in argument production/authorship or co-authorship given advancements such as large language models producing increasingly sophisticated texts and playing a larger role in belief production.


Her work on patience and virtue argumentation, such as the following article about patience and deep disagreement, is motivated by these interests: 

Phillips, K. (2021). Deep Disagreement and Patience as an Argumentative Virtue. Informal Logic, 41(1), 107–130.


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Jan Albert van Laar works at the Faculty of Philosophy at the University of Groningen. He teaches the philosophy of argumentation, writes about fallacies, types of dialogue and multimodal argumentation, and develops educational software for argumentative dialogue. Currently, Jan Albert is exploring some connections between argumentation and compromise, a topic he has previously discussed with Erik Krabbe in four co-authored papers (open access):

In 2017, “Splitting a Difference of Opinion: The Shift to Negotiation”:

In 2018, “The Role of Argument in Negotiation”:

In 2019,  “Criticism and Justification of Negotiated Compromises: The 2015 Paris Agreement in Dutch Parliament”:

In 2019, “Pressure and Argumentation in Public Controversies: A Dialogical Perspective”:

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